Can I rent dog crates?

Renting dog crates is far more common than you think, especially for air travel where IATA approved crates are required by most airlines. But there are other reasons you might want to consider crate rental. Let’s take a look at the benefits of dog crate rental and where you can rent them from.

Why rent a dog crate?

Air Travel

Whenever you want to transport your dog by air there will be very specific guidelines as to how your container should look. In fact, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) has a lengthy 12 page PDF for download;

Download the 12 page IATA container guidelines here.

Renting an approved IATA compliant dog kennel is far easier than wading through those guidelines and will guarantee you don’t get turned away.

Dog Carrier Sizes

Dog Carrier Sizes

Size IATA Series Exterior Size (inches) Interior Size (inches) Carrier Weight (lbs) Pet Weight (lbs) Example Breeds
Small 100 21L x 16W x 15H 18L x 12W x 13H 6 10 – 20 Yorkshire Terrier
Medium 200 28L x 21W x 22H 23L x 16W x 20H 10 21 – 30 Beagle
Medium Large 300 32L x 23W x 24H 29L x 20W x 24H 15 31 – 50 Labrador
Large 400 36L x 25W x 27H 32L x 22W x 26H 19 50 – 70 German Shepherd
Extra-Large 500 40L x 27W x 30H 36L x 24W x 28H 27 70 – 90 Rottweiler
Double XL 700 48L x 32W x 35H 44L x 29W x 33H 51 90 – 125 Newfoundland

Where can I rent an IATA approved dog crate?

You won’t be able to rent a dog crate from the airline you book with but there are some pet travel companies who offer crate rental.


K&J Custom crates offer rental in weekly time periods and a range of sizes.


PetsAbroad can provide crates of all sizes and IATA compliant for your dog’s travel needs.


At Aeropets you can hire IATA approved crates for both domestic and international travel, or you can let them arrange the whole shebang and transport your dog for you.


Let us know if you’re a crate hire company in the US, we’d love to partner with you.

Prefer to buy?

Luxx, Petmate and Karlie all stock IATA approved crates in varying sizes.

loading a dog crate into a plane

Holidays / AirBnB

If you’re booked into a pet-friendly hotel, or a dog friendly Airbnb and don’t want the hassle of packing your own crate or detaching your car crate to use indoors, renting a crate locally can solve the issue.

Pick up on the first day, return on the last day and you’ve saved space in your vehicle for travelling and made your life much easier.

If you’re ever in Cornwall, UK try Slickers for your crate rental.

Car Travel / Crash tested

Planning a road trip or longer journey than usual but don’t normally crate your dog, or you do but your crate isn’t crash tested? Why not hire one for the trip and return it when you’re back?

crash test

Veterinary Advice / Injury

Is your dog not normally crated but is about to have surgery which will require crate rest afterwards?

Renting a crate may be cheaper than buying one for the duration. Be sure to factor in a few weeks prior to surgery to make sure your dog is happy in his crate.

Several types of surgeries in dogs may require at least 6 weeks of crate rest for proper healing. Crate rest is often recommended to limit a dog’s activity and movement, allowing the surgical site to heal without any complications. Some common surgeries that may necessitate an extended period of crate rest include:

  1. Orthopedic Surgeries:
    • Cruciate Ligament Repair: Procedures such as TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) or TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) for cruciate ligament injuries often require strict rest for a prolonged period.
    • Fracture Repair: Dogs with fractures, especially those requiring surgery with the placement of implants like plates or screws, may need an extended period of crate rest for bone healing.
  2. Spinal Surgeries:
    • Intervertebral Disc (IVD) Surgery: Dogs undergoing surgery for intervertebral disc herniation may need an extended period of rest to prevent further damage to the spinal cord.
  3. Soft Tissue Surgeries:
    • Tumor Removal: Depending on the location and extent of the surgery, dogs recovering from tumor removal may need crate rest to prevent stress on the incision site.
    • Abdominal Surgeries: Some abdominal surgeries, such as those involving the gastrointestinal tract, may require restricted activity during the healing process.
  4. Joint Surgeries:
    • Hip or Elbow Dysplasia Surgeries: Procedures to address joint dysplasia or other orthopedic conditions may necessitate a significant period of restricted movement for optimal healing.
  5. Amputation:
    • Limbs: Dogs undergoing limb amputation may need crate rest during the initial phase of recovery to allow the surgical site to heal and to adjust to their altered mobility.
  6. Certain Neurological Surgeries:
    • Brain Surgery: Depending on the nature of the surgery, dogs undergoing brain surgery may need extended rest to recover.
large breed puppies

Fast Growing Puppies

Got a Great Dane? Newfoundland puppy? Saint Bernard? Fast growing puppies grow out of their crates FAST! It may work out cheaper to hire different sizes as they grow.

Short Term Guests / Contractors in the house

Having house renovations or house guests who aren’t dog lovers (crazy, right?). Having a crate to use short term (as long as your dog is crate trained) is a godsend and will allow you to pop them into the crate and keep them safe for short periods of time.

Ready to start crate training your dog?

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