The best dog crate covers to calm (and quiet) your puppy.

We’re a big fan of covering our dog crates to help our dogs feel secure and cozy. However, there are several crate cover options on the market that suit different environments and different dogs. So whether you’re looking to quieten a noisy puppy, calm an anxious rescue, or keep your hot dogs cool in the summer, we’ve got a cover for you.

What is the point of a crate cover?

A crate cover can offer various benefits for both dogs and their owners.

Privacy and Security: Crate covers provide a sense of security and privacy for dogs, creating a den-like atmosphere that helps them feel safe and protected.

Reduced Anxiety: The enclosed space created by a crate cover can help reduce anxiety in dogs by limiting visual stimuli and creating a cozy environment.

Temperature Control: Covers can help regulate temperature by providing shade in warmer conditions or blocking drafts in colder weather, ensuring a more comfortable environment for your dog.

Reduced Distractions: By limiting your dog’s view of the surrounding environment, a crate cover can minimize distractions and encourage relaxation, especially in busy or stimulating environments.

Promotes Restful Sleep: The darkened, secure space created by a cover can promote better, more restful sleep for your dog, contributing to overall well-being.

Travel Comfort: When traveling with your dog, a crate cover can provide a familiar and calming space, reducing stress during car rides or other forms of transportation.

Noise Reduction: Crate covers can help muffle external sounds, providing a quieter environment for your dog, which is particularly helpful for sensitive or easily startled dogs.

Visual Cue for Quiet Time: Having a crate cover can serve as a visual cue to signal to your dog that it’s time to rest, helping establish a routine and promote relaxation.

It’s essential to note that while crate covers can be beneficial for many dogs, individual preferences and needs vary. Always monitor your dog’s behavior to ensure they are comfortable and not experiencing any distress while using a crate cover.

Best dog crate cover for noisy puppies

If your puppy is waking up too early, or is reluctant to settle at night, having a thick, quiet, warm cover might help.

Reducing some of the household sounds by having a thick, quilted cover can reduce stimuli and relax your puppy, and as it’s a thick cover, it’ll keep the crate darker for longer, meaning you just might get a few more minutes of peace before breakfast!

Best dog crate cover for anxious dogs

Anxious dogs tend to do better with a dark cover, blocking as much light as possible in order to reduce visual stimuli and help them relax.

Any of the windproof/waterproof dog crate covers will naturally block all light from coming through them in a way that a fabric might not, so even though you’re using the covers indoors, look for one that describes itself as either windproof or waterproof.

Best dog crate cover for the car

This crate cover is going to have to perform well in all weathers so needs to be waterproof to stop the water from a wet dog being shaken off onto your upholstery, but also warm to keep your damp dog healthy and comfortable on the way home.

Look for waterproof and insulated to keep your puppy cosy.

Best dog crate cover for hot climates

In warmer weather ventilation is the key to keeping your puppy cool and comfortable.

Airflow from fans or your air conditioning needs to be able to get through to the puppy too even when they’re in their crate. So if your pup enjoys being covered but also needs to get some air, look for a thin, mesh cover, or just a crate topper instead.


Best dog crate cover for style

Style is subjective but you’ll find something just perfect if you take a look at some homemade, handmade dog crate covers on Etsy.


All articles on are written by qualified behaviorist and dog trainer, Cheryl Walker.


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