Do dogs enjoy crates?

do dog crates need to be covered

We know that acclimatizing your puppy to using a crate can be beneficial for owners as it helps us with toilet training, travelling and behavior management but do dogs enjoy crates or is that just something we tell ourselves to justify using them? Let’s take a look. Do dogs choose to use dog crates? Puppies … Read more

Is it ok to crate a dog every night?

what age is it too late to crate train

Some dogs do very well with being crated and some struggle, so it’s best to assess your own dog and how well they cope in a crate, and how well they’ve been trained to enjoy being in the dog crate. However, there are some things to consider when deciding; Is it ok to crate a … Read more

Do dog crates need bedding?

wire vs plastic dog crate

Whether in the car or at home, should we be putting beds into our dog crates? Let’s look at the pros and cons of; do dog crates need bedding? Do dog crates need bedding? Yes, dog crates need bedding. Most dogs, especially older dogs, like a bit of comfort in their lives. That’s partly why … Read more