Do dog crates collapse?

do dog crates collapse

If you travel frequently, have limited space in your home, only need to use a crate temporarily or just want to put it away sometimes, you’ll probably be wondering; do dog crates collapse? The good news is that most do, and they reduce down to a much smaller, more portable and storable size. Let’s take … Read more

Should you crate a dog in the car?

should you crate a dog in the car

Have you ever wondered where in your vehicle is the safest place for your dog? Should you crate a dog in the car? Let’s take a look at the options available before making a decision. Where is the safest place in a car for a dog? When travelling with a dog in a car, the … Read more

Do dog crates need to be covered?

do dog crates need to be covered

You may have read that your puppy will feel better in their crate if it’s covered, either with a made to measure cover, or just a simple throw or blanket. Let’s take a look at why we might cover our dog’s crate and help you decide if you want to cover yours. How do you … Read more

Where are dog crates illegal?

where are dog crates illegal

It may surprise you to learn that in some countries the use of dog crates (other than in specific circumstances) is illegal. Let’s take a look at where, and why. Are dog crates illegal in Sweden? Sweden signed the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals in 1987, ratified in 1989 and came into … Read more

Are dog crates cruel?

wire vs plastic dog crate

The use of dog crates has been a divisive subject since their invention. Supporters argue that crates provide a secure haven for dogs, aiding house training, preventing destructive behaviors, and offering a retreat for canines seeking solace. On the flip side, critics argue that confining dogs to crates is cruel, akin to imprisonment, and may … Read more

Can you use a normal dog crate in the car?

can you use a normal dog crate in the car

Normal wire mesh dog crates or plastic airline style crates are, let’s face it, considerably less expensive than rotomolded crash tested dog crates. But… can you use a normal dog crate in the car? Let’s take a look at some of the more pressing questions you might ask yourself if you’re thinking of using one. … Read more