Why TetraDog?

The term “tetra” is derived from the Greek word “tetras,” meaning “four. Four sides of a square that make up the sides of your crate. And dog, the four-legged furry companion nestled contently in their bed inside the crate.

There are many misconceptions around dog crates and crate training which, as a qualified canine behaviorist, I felt compelled to address and hopefully educate.

Crates can be cruel if misused and if you have any reservations about using them, don’t. They’re not compulsory.

But if you do choose to use a dog crate, please train your dog to love their crate.

You can pick up your free crate training guide here;

I’m Cheryl Walker, Trainer and Behaviourist

As a child, I wanted to be a vet but life takes you off in other directions and after a 20-year successful career in sales, I made the decision to embark on a second career working with dogs. I soon found a fascination with canine behaviour which led me to retrain as a canine behaviourist.

I’ve worked hard over the years to keep my credentials up to date but I still think the last one on this list is my favourite.

· Foundation degree (Level 5) in canine behaviour management

· WSDA instructor (World scent dogs association) and level 1 competition judge

· ADTB Puppy level instructor Diploma

· Diploma in Puppy Training

· Diploma in Canine Behaviour Training

· Canine First aider

· Veterinary Support Assistant Diploma

· Completed Dr Ian Dunbar’s Sirius academy

· Owner of an extraordinary working Cocker spaniel called Huckleberry